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TreLease is a newsletter that we’ll be sharing with you on a biyearly basis. The purpose of this newsletter is to update you on the latest news of Tree Ad’s media and staff; A platform of information, gags and anecdotes.
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July 2006 marked the birth of Tree Ad Iraq, a division of Tree Ad, specializing in media bookings for the Iraqi market.

In addition to media bookings, Tree Ad Iraq offers professional and high-standard complementary services, such as planning & scheduling support, media monitoring & alerts, airing certificates & supporting documents.


Six months after its launch, Tree Ad Iraq was able to break records and rank as the biggest media representative on the local market. Moreover, Tree Ad Iraq also established Le Réseau Iraq, a network of outdoor options in Baghdad and Iraq’s major cities and provinces. Le Réseau Iraq’s network currently comprises a large number of 4 x 3 panels all strategically positioned in prime locations in the Greater Baghdad and Basra areas, with the possibility of adding new locations upon request.