Mazen Moussallem

An AUB graduate, Moussallem began his career in 1992 at Trust Advertising as Media Manager. In 1996, he moved to Espaces, a leading media house in Beirut in the capacity of Commercial Director and in 1999 joined hands with Antoine Aad to found Tree Ad.

In 2004 Tree Ad was acquired by Level 5 Holding, a holding company established and led by Moussallem, based in Beirut and operating in various fields (media representation, distribution and retail, hospitality, printing, outdoor advertising and branding and communication).

Since then Moussallem continues to be Level 5 Holding and Tree Ad’s Chairman-General Manager.

Antoine Aad

A veteran with more than 35 years
of experience in the advertising field. Aad started his career in L’Orient newspaper in 1967 before joining Intermarkets in 1971, and then
moved to Tele Management.

In 1991, he joined Media Force/Tihama in the capacity of General Manager before establishing Tree Ad with Mazen Moussallem.

The Founders

Tree Ad was founded in 1999 by two pioneers in the advertising industry.

Furthermore, the diversity of the media that Tree Ad represents helped equip our staff with the skills and aptitude needed to make them experts in marketing and promoting any above the
line media.

Tree Ad’s head office is in Beirut, Lebanon, with regional offices in Dubai, UAE (Tree Ad International FZ-LLC), Damascus, Syria (Tree Ad Syria LLC), Baghdad, Iraq (Tree Ad Iraq LLC) and representative offices in Amman, Jeddah, Kuwait city and Doha.

A member company of Level 5 Holding, Tree Ad is a company composed of a diversified group of professionals brought together by their mission to serve and promote the media they represent. More than a sales tool, we are brand builders who focus on the positioning of the medium and its image.

We pride ourselves in being one
of the major independent media houses in Lebanon representing numerous prestigious local and international media.

Our staff, our most valuable asset, none of whom are new comers to the field, are all young spirited, and have successfully established and maintained excellent relations with clients of different fields and media in Lebanon and abroad. Loyalty and commitment are the core traits that distinguish our members, most of whom have been with Tree Ad from
its beginning.

Who We Are

We are committed to the image building of the media we represent and their overall positioning in the market; and this is what encouraged major international media houses like Figaro Medias, Groupe Express Roularta (GER) and Newsweek to favor Tree Ad and place their trust in it to establish exclusive representation contracts.

As per our mission, our services expand outside the Lebanese territory: Tree Ad Iraq LLC specializes in media booking for the Iraqi market, Tree Ad Syria LLC covers the Syrian market and Tree Ad International FZ-LLC caters for regional clients; all three companies additionally offer professional and high-standard complementary services.

Our services include the marketing, promotion and advertising sales of each media vehicle we represent, developing solid relationships with local and international accounts in the advertising industry in general.

We also help develop and implement new marketing strategies for each medium to ensure its utmost success and growth. In this view we are not a mere selling arm to the medium, but rather a brand-building instrument.

What we do


Head offices

Beirut, Lebanon

Regional offices

Dubai, UAE
Baghdad, Iraq
Damascus, Syria

Representative offices

Jeddah, KSA
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Head Offices

Beirut, Lebanon

P.O.Box 16-7246
Level 5 Building, President Elias Hraoui Avenue, Tehwita, Beirut, Lebanon

T: + 961 1 611 115                  F: + 961 1 611 114                 E:

Regional Offices

Dubai, UAE

P.O.Box 500717
Tree Ad International FZ LLC, Aurora Tower, 7th floor, Executive Office No.3, Dubai Media City, Dubai. UAE

T: +971 4 4280736                  F: +971 4 4280738                   E:

Regional Offices

Baghdad, Iraq

Tree Ad Iraq, Al Mustansarya, Baghdad, Iraq

T: +964 7 901111157

Regional Offices

Damascus, Syria

P.O.Box 33211
Tree Ad Syria, Mezze, Old Airport Road, 11th floor, Al Masref al Ikari Bldg, Damascus, Syria

T/F: +963 11 6630987 - +963 11 6631444                   E:

Representative Offices

Jeddah, KSA

P.O.Box 31422
Nayzak Media, SBI Building, 2nd Floor, Al Andalus Street, Jeddah, KSA

T: + 966 2 6649058 / 6632109                  F: + 966 2 6654956                  E:

Representative Offices

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Fledge Ad, Dar Al Awadi - Sharq area, IO Centre, 2nd floor - Office No. 5208, Kuwait

T/F: +965 2 322928


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