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Founded in 1996, Special is the leading up-market social and woman magazine. A magazine of superior quality, Special is glamorous and gutsy, as well as frank and intimate. As upscale as a monthly, as topical as a weekly, Special is a lifestyle magazine that reports with unique style on prominent personalities from entertainment, fashion and society.


In constant evolution, Special has teamed up in November 2016 with prestigious Madame Figaro to become the new born sister to the French Madame Figaro.

Special Madame Figaro has become the ultimate guide and cultural barometer to the elegant needs of sophisticated, well-cultured and well educated modern women of what’s worth knowing and exploring about fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle.

Special Madame Figaro each issue conjures a vibe of exclusivity with its unique mix of stunning visuals and in-depth reportage. Its deeply distinctive profiling and social commentary attracts and inspires readers as a great extension of a massively fashionable, authoritative and knowledgeable brand.

Special Madame Figaro boosts creating a focused, differentiated, and emotionally loaded positioning strategy that makes your brand sell more effectively, and supports its access to the minds of highly distinguished women and luxury brand seekers.

It is Printed at 7,000 copies monthly reaching more than 106,000 readers, aged in majority between 25 & 40 and enjoying a high social standing. In addition to regular POS, it is distributed to a large mailing list of advertising agencies and clients, as well as in MEA’s Cedar Lounge and Lebanon’s major hotels and selected beauty salons and spas.