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Al Joumhouria:

Established in 1924 and relaunched on February 28th, 2011, Al Joumhouria is the latest Arabic daily tabloid to join the Lebanese scene, starting where the others have stopped, turning a new page in the country’s journalistic chapter.

A bold, bright, and fearless newspaper, that’s independent in all things but neutral in nothing.


Al Joumhouria pledges to defend Lebanon and the cause of freedom, justice and the state-building project. It hopes to serve as a platform for all political Lebanese and Arab trends, and looks forward to being an oasis of dialogue between conflicting views.

In a world of journalistic conformity, Al Joumhouria provides a new, frank and unconventional read that relates all news in a novel and investigative journalistic style: A diversified and rich subject matter that objectively tackles all political and social news and impartially relates all points of view, respectful of others,

accepting of others.


Printed six days a week, 15,000 copies are distributed daily between POS, subscribers who reached 8460 in January 2017, and mailing lists.

Al Joumhouria consists of 32 pages (16 colored), in two separate sections and covers: the political one and the lifestyle one, with distinct fonts and layouts for each. A complete read offering a broad array of topics from political to cultural, social and entertainment news.

It targets A, B and C social classes; young, educated and high income readers who are in search of credible information, political analysis and a weighty subject matter.


Merely 6 years after its launch, it succeeded in becoming the Number 1

Newspaper in Lebanon as per Ipsos’ 2017 NRS.

Al Joumhouria’s website was launched with the newspaper in February 2011. More than a news portal, is the ultimate news destination. From breaking news to trending stories, is the go-to source for the latest on all local, regional and international news.


Moreover, the newspaper also provides nonstop fast and accurate information via its application and Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). It is the most cited newspaper in all news portals, breaking up-to-the-minute local, regional and international news and developments.